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For the love of god, where are the download links?

Please someone link me to Korra season 2 episode 6 before I die from anticipation.

So I haven’t posted on this blog in ages but I made a photography blog

It’s mostly travel photography, but please check it out: or LINK if you’re lazy

I think I’m a Doctor Who fan now — all done with season 2 and slightly traumatized

I went into the 2005 series cold without knowing what this show was about at all. I prefer David Tennant’s doctor but I really loved Rose and the 9th doctor’s chemistry was fantastic. Kinda sad he didn’t stick around past the first season.

Anyway, like I said, I didn’t know anything about the show (or what the 1960s series everyone was talking about was) so 9’s regeneration was kind of like WHAT?!

Then the season 2 finale was practically traumatizing. There’s something adorable about Rose in this cheesy, fun sort of way. And her with the 10th doctor — that was just a little heartbreaking. They just need to be happy…and I want to take Rose home with me

Studio Ghibli

(株式会社スタジオジブリ Kabushiki-gaisha Sutajio Jiburi

1985- 2013

You know what would be cool in Season 8?

It looks like they’re setting up Cas to betray Dean and Sam again, except this time not of his own free will. What if, when they figure out what’s going on, they deal with it like adults and not butthurt children?

What if, instead of lashing out at Cas, Dean tries to help him this time instead of whining about what family means? And Cas doesn’t ignore the offer of help this time.

Wow, what a novel idea!

As a New Yorker, Mitt Romney offends me

A friend of mine just linked me to this video:!

Obviously the footage of Sandy is edited in since it’s an ad backed by, but it honestly baffles me how Romney can sit there and pretend that climate change isn’t real, that it isn’t happening now.

My house just took a beating from Hurricane Sandy. Sure, I’m grateful that it’s at least still standing (three houses down the block from me were razed to the ground), but we lost our entire basement ad first floor. Two of my family’s cars were destroyed. Our boiler and gas lines are shot and we have no hope of getting electricity until Thanksgiving, the power company tells us.

And Mitt Romney is going to sit there and insinuate that somehow Obama should be blamed for the destruction? What’s even more disturbing is that that entire room full of people just laughs at the idea that climate change is real.

The whole of conservative U.S. politics actually baffles me. In most other first-world countries, even conservatives are as liberal as our Democrats, maybe even moreso. But that’s a discussion for another day


Anyone know where I can buy a poster of the Avatar universe map?

You know which map I’m talking about.

I’m dying to get a copy for my dorm room :D


my grandpa gave me this epi pen when he died and i never take it off it’s very special, gave it to me right before he died actually, seemed quite important, what do epi pens even do


Either way, I’d be grateful to anyone who wants to up vote and favorite some of my photos that are about to hit the “upcoming” list, following me or not :)




………….Why is Katy Perry in this photoset? 

Some men just like to watch the world BOOM BOOM BOOM EVEN BRIGHTER THAN THE MOON MOON MOON

Omfg what is going on